01 February 2013

one is silver and the other gold

Had so much fun today. literally spent the day with my best buddy. and celebrated old friend's birthday. the fun we had just proves me that high school never ends!:D

I really can't bother anymore. be it a lie or a truth i just can't be bothered. So much of trust so much of fun just got spoiled. and it's all your fault. whatever it is i think i will really stop guessing and stop asking around. you have your life to move on and so do i. i'm totally fine with your decision of making use of me to achieve what you've been longing for. okay i know it sounds harsh but you have no idea how much i need to go through to make myself up to this stage.

happy February folks. this month is definitely going to be better than January.no more drama but more music. Chopin Beethoven and Schubert. :D

you can take everything i have
you can break everything i am
like i'm made of glass
like i'm made of paper
like a skyscraper

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