29 January 2013

what is this


i have a bad habit of guessing (predicting?no i'm not a fortune teller) about what's coming up next. it's like you're the audience and when you watch a show you'll start guessing what's on next. and yeah i'm taking as if i'm the audience watching everything happens and guess the next scene. something irritating is i always get it right. since last year?

caring about you is seriously something i'd do automatically. God knows why am i so good to you. well i guess it's hormones taking it? so much of crying to each other so much of scolding and teasing each other, i guess this is something worth holding it right? we're so gonna be the buddy of each other.

i don't know why but are you comparing with me and you together? please there is nothing to be compared. i hope you understand this. my way of carrying life is so different to yours, at least i know my limit, but do you? making parents worried is something you do but it's definitely not mine. well because i know i have no right to worry bout someone when my parents have to be worried bout what am i doing am i right?

it's time to step out from the limelight, it's okay to be the cameo because without the cameo, the lead role won't shine.

after all you're just a bridge for them to walk across and meet.

so much of feeling heartache but you'll never understand. because that's you.

who do you think you are
running 'round leaving scars
collecting jar of hearts
carrying love apart
don't come back to me 
don't come back at all

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